Proudly Made in the USA

Patriot RDA

Vaping has become a wild industry, with most all of the equipment coming from China. While nothing is wrong with this, its quite obvious that cheap labor is the reason why. In many cases it also means cheap products.

This is why every now and then its really nice to see something well made come out of the USA. The Patriot RDA is one of these products. Proudly made in California, the Patriot is a high quality RDA. Its pretty conventional in design, but is a solid performer and looks extremely elegant.

The patriot features 3 posts in the usual format – one positive center pin and 2 outer negative pins. The new versions come with custom top cap colors as well as featuring custom drilled air-holes on order.

iTaste Mod With Sub Ohm Ability

Innoken has outdone themselves this time around. According to this iTaste VTR review – the VTR now allows sub-ohm vaping down to .7 Ohms! And that’s with complete, regulated power with variable voltage and variable wattage.

If you’ve ever used VV/VW mods such as the iTaste MVP or even other brands like the Vamo or the Sigelei stuff, you know that the chips and electronics inside them have all kinds of safety “features” built in to protect the user.

iTaste VTR Review

Safety is extremely important – I’m not arguing that. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can ruin your vaping gear or worse you can hurt yourself. For instance, 18350 batteries start to heat up if you drop below 1 Ohm so it makes sense that these mods won’t let you get anywhere near that. This is why most people have switched over to mechanical mods.

But the iTaste VTR uses 18650 batteries only in a box mod format so there is more room for low-ohm vaping. There are reports of people using the iTaste VTR down near .5 Ohms so this is telling me that there is most likely some kind of smart battery detection that’s going on inside the VTR. This is a good thing.

Think of this mod as kind of a big brother to the iTaste MVP. It comes in both chrome and army green depending on your tastes. Check it out!

Monkey Kits Can Get You Started

If you’re interested in getting into mech mods, you might head over to SteamMonkey and check out the various kits they sell named after various primates. These feature Smoktech Magnetos paired with various atomizer tanks like the RSST.

My personal recommendation is the Orangutan Kit. This is a reasonably priced way to get into the next level of vaping. Well worth checking out – and the prices are pretty reasonable!

Vaping Is Now Fun

I found another great review over at on the new Kayfun Lite. This is a rebuildable atomizer mixed with a gigantic 4.5 ml tank! Really interesting stuff here.

Kayfun Lite

So far in the vaping world we’ve had few choices when it comes to tanks to hold liquid. There’s carto tanks which I’ve really liked up until recently. They vape well and have a great flavor but they are not rebuildable. This means you have to buy cartos somewhere which is fine but I like to tweak.

There’s also been offerings from KangerTech such as the ProTank which you can rebuild, but the tiny chamber limits you as far as what you can do with your build.

So along comes the Kayfun from Svoëmesto (German builds of Russian design). It has a very unique airflow system that lifts the juice from the bottom of the tank to the wicks and then the vape platform. I got mine – it is amazing. Its a warm, wet vape that will completely blow your mind. Its not cheap, but its worth absolutely every penny. I highly recommend grabbing one today. I just bought my second even!

So head over to vapormods and check out the review. This is probably the most interesting tank/atomizer configuration that we’ve seen to date. Must be seen!

The New Franken-Vamo

If you haven’t seen the latest Vamo – you might want to check it out. There’s a great write up on the new Vamo V5 over at – definitely check it out. If you’re not familiar, the Vamo is probably the best of the variable voltage variable wattage (VV/VW) mods out there from China. Its reasonably priced at under $60 and its a joy to use.

There have been several iterations of the Vamo since its introduction. The V2 was a classic and the Vamo V3 changed up the body design and gave it a new OLED screen with a better menu system. The problem with the V3 is that the body design was, well, um… a little silly with goofy stripes around the body.

Vamo V5

So now we have the Vamo V5. The Vamo V5 takes the better screen that was introduced in version 3 and combined it with the classic body style of the V2. Confused? Don’t worry – just know that its a great screen and operating system paired with a nice, classic body style.

The Vamo V5 offers 3 buttons – a big fire button and two smaller “up and down” buttons that control the power depending on of you are in voltage or wattage modes. It gives the option of Mean or RMS power and quite frankly its a joy to use. You manipulate the menu by holding the 2 small buttons down together. Holding either of the two small buttons for several seconds gives you readouts for remaining battery power (the left) or the ohm reading of your coil (right).

Of all the Chinese mods with this chipset (these include various offerings from Sigelei and others such as the VV, SVD, MVP, Zmax etc) this one is by far the easiest to use. The screen sits horizontally and the 3 buttons make changing functions and vaping much easier. Check it out and get one for yourself!

The Upcoming ZNA

In this video, pbusardo does an amazing interview with Zen. If you don’t know Zen, he’s a machinist and possibly one of the most interesting people in the vaping world. The man builds vapor mods – not just vapor mods, but possibly some of the nicest in the world.

This interview was wrapped up at the end of VaporCon – there’s a review of the VaperShark DNA-20 Box mod and then a very interesting talk with Zen about the upcoming ZNA.

This mod looks amazing. Zen is proposing some radical transformations of what we normally see with vv/vw mods. The interesting things he’s designed is a new open connection instead of the old standard, 510. He’s got some very good reasons why this style of connection is outdated. Then the electronics are dropped over the side of the mount. This allows for standard battery sizes while keeping the overall size of the mod to a minimum. This thing is gorgeous and fits in the palm of your hand. Amazing – simply amazing.

Anyway – check out the video for lots of cool stuff in the world of vaping. I’ve not been to VaperCon, but it really looks like an interesting convention. Hopefully I’ll get to attend next year!

Check out Zen’s website at